After forming my initial idea for this project it was time to begin developing my designs. This started with finding case studies and general inspiration also, gaining more knowledge on the type of retail space I was creating. This too began the start of my sketchbook – this would be used to show my collective work throughout the project.

As expected the design process was very long and included many changes and tweaks. Every week my fellow students and I were able to speak to our tutors and discuss our work, this meant that we could work to the best of our ability. We also had training sessions on computer programs which we would need to use to improve our quality of work. These included Vectorworks, SketchUp and Photoshop.

While designing I tried out various floorplans and options to see what appeared to work best. Although aesthetic was important as was functionality. Due to my space being minimalist I used the colour white throughout, mainly focussing on various textures. I decided to feature marble across the space as it a fairly opulent material and so adds a luxury feel, white painted wood and brick were then largely used also.

Along with designing the interior I had to think about how my store’s experience would work. Through my own ideas and talking to my tutors the decision of two ways to customise clothing was made – an independent process where customers can use a self service counter and touch screen technology to design their piece or, a more involved process where private appointments with staff can be made for a personalised and special experience.

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