To begin second year of my Interior Design degree me and my fellow students were given the project of creating a retail space – within this we were allowed almost free reign to make decisions, form ideas and design. Although this was exciting, it was also daunting having so many options to choose from.

The first step for the project was to start generating possibilities as to what retail space I would be designing, I favoured the idea of a clothing store, however, felt that I needed to ensure the space would be memorable. I’d seen that customisation of clothing was a growing trend and thought that this would be an interesting path to go down, as there are not many retail spaces that allow for this.

This made me think about how the customers would have a blank canvas when customising, so I made the decision for all the clothing to be displayed in their natural form – completely white. To enhance the feel of the space upon this I thought a minimalist style would be very effective.

Once I knew what my project would be I could make an informed decision on what space would be best to design. We were offered 3 sites to choose from around the centre of Sheffield – 22+24 Chapel Walk, Charles Street Substation and Bungalows and Bears, Division Street. I chose the site on Division Street as I thought this space would allow for interesting development and a sufficient amount of space for my retail project.

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