CoLAB – Introduction & Briefing

To draw my first year as an Interior Design student to a close we will be taking part in a 3 week long collaboration project with the second years. We were split into groups of either 4 or 5, and each group given an ‘expert’ with whom they would be receiving a brief from to then create an exhibition installation.

I was placed in a group with Jake (1st year), Lucy & Laura (2nd years). To make the project fair each group had to pull a name of an expert from a bag to determine who they would be working with. We got the company GW Devices, a technology company based in Sheffield, to begin with we only had a sheet of paper with a short brief on, to kickstart any ideas we may have had for the installation.

Our brief had mentions of something seeming initially serious and professional but then also has a hidden fun and frivolous side. It brought attention to the company’s logo, in its original state is simply a lowercase ‘g’ in a circle, however, when turned on its side resembles glasses. Which led the brief onto its discussion of an ‘inner geek’ to reflect the company’s quite stereotypical geeky nature due to its focus of technology.

The day after receiving our brief we met our expert for an informal meeting. This was to gain more of an understanding of what was being expected of us. Marek Narkiewicz, the CEO of GW Devices, was the person from the company who we would be communicating with through the project. While speaking to him he reinforced the juxtaposing ideas of seriousness with fun. He showed us the company’s business card and demonstrated how he and his colleagues like to personalise the cards by drawing faces on them using the ‘g’ as geeky glasses. It was explained to us that the company wanted us to have a largely free reign on the project and wanted to see our interpretation of the brief.

With that we set off with brainstorming any ideas that we had.

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