Plan Oblique and Isometric Drawing


In our final technical drawing session with Rachel we looked at plan oblique and isometric drawings. These are two ways to draw objects in a space which allow for a different view of perspective and understanding of how the interior would look.

Rachel started off the session by simply explaining what plan oblique and isometric drawings are.

Plan oblique is when you take the floorplan of the room you’re working on and draw it rotated 45 degrees, keeping the measurements and scale the same. You then project the objects up with vertical lines to indicate their heights.

An isometric drawing is where the vertical lines of the objects are still drawn vertically however their width and depth lines are drawn 30 degrees to the horizontal. Although this means the plan is now distorted slightly it looks rather realistic.

After learning about what these types of drawings are Rachel asked us to draw a circle in both plan oblique and isometric. We used squares and lines ranging across them to make this easier to do and simpler to understand.


Practicing drawing circles in plan oblique and isometric

We were then shown various plans and we had to say whether they were in plan oblique or isometric so we had more recognition of how they look. Rachel explained that plan oblique drawings are the easiest to notice due to the right angles that can be seen.

To finish we moved onto tasks to practice these drawing techniques. We had to draw a simple floorplan we were given in 4 different orientations – 2 in plan oblique, 2 in isometric.


The floorplan we were basing our drawings on


Plan Oblique drawing at 1:50


Second Plan Oblique drawing at 1:50


Isometric drawing at 1:50


Second Isometric drawing at 1:50


Plan Oblique of my room

Doing the plan oblique of my room was rather challenging as there were more things to consider than there was on the floorplans we were using in the session. However, I was pleased with the outcome of the drawing and it was good to see how effective these drawings are with actual furniture rather than the block like shapes we were drawing to learn the basics.

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